Art by A. David Crown, M.D.

Mezzotints, Linocuts, Prints, Paintings and Drawings

Horse Painting #10 by A. David Crown, M.D. Oil Painting on Paper

Many artists evolve gradually over the years towards a particular kind of expression and technique easily recognized as their characteristic personal style to which, with minor variations, they adhere.

However, I have always liked many kinds of art so one could say that I have been influenced by everyone I have admired; this is why, although many themes are recurring, my images and iconography can be very diverse and my work varies from serious to whimsical. To do the same thing over and over, only one kind of art, would be boring to me; the technique, from pointillist to impasto, changes all the time ……however, certain themes do recur over the years… is fascinating and enchanting, every day.

The series of 26 prints “In My Lifetime” is based upon the holocaust. The prints are featured here but they are not  for sale. However, they may acquired (depending upon availability) by making a donation to a mutually agreeable charity in the amount equivalent to the value listed of the print. There will be a nominal charge for shipping and insurance.  Please contact me for details.

In printmaking I have used virtually every technique although mezzotint is my special interest. In 1997 I formed the International Mezzotint Society which now numbers more than 100 members internationally. I have taught printmaking techniques, lectured at various institutions, given demonstrations of my own methods to individuals and groups and have had articles published in the “Journal of the Print World” and “Printworks” in England.’

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